U8 – U18

Ocala Premier Soccer offers the following benefits:

  • Hometown, high-impact trainers and coaches
  • Access to Specialized Training through Technical Training Program (TTP) & the OPS Academy Program
  • Full-time Director of Coaching
  • Long Term Player Development Club Coaching Curriculum
  • Club Testing 2019/20 Season

2019/20 Rosters

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Boys Premier Trainer(s)
2011 Yani Mikedis
2010 Josh Scroggie
2008 Blue Wyatt Stephens

2008 Gray

Yani Mikedis
2007 Tom Flynn


Pete Smith
2004 Wyatt Stephens


Tom Flynn
Girls Premier Trainer(s)


Fulton Gomez
2008 Victoria Ekeli
2006/07 Fulton Gomez
2004/05 Paul Camargo

GK Director Girls Victoria Ekeli
GK Director Boys Yani Mikedis


Ocala Premier Soccer’s (OPS) primary objective is to play attractive, attacking soccer, with a large emphasis on the technical aspect of the game. Our desire is for our players to have the ability to keep possession of the ball whilst having the technical foundation and tactical awareness to be comfortable playing in numerous positions on the field.

Our aim is to build this into the program from a very early age. Having our players comfortable on the ball, an ability to play with both feet and the confidence to make decisions on the field will allow OPS to have an identity as a program. Our playing philosophy will be modeled throughout the club, with our systems of preference being the 4-2-3-1 and the diamond.

Here at OPS we create a positive, learning environment which gives the players the freedom and confidence to express themselves. Our coaching staff use a ‘guided discovery’ coaching style which leads the players to make their own decisions on the soccer field. By passing this trust onto the player they are more likely to grow in confidence, think for themselves and most importantly learn what you are asking them to achieve.

Soccer is a game of the moment and players not coaches need to decide at that moment what they should do on the field. We need to help them make that decision for themselves. Our ultimate aim is to support individuals and teams in pushing the boundaries of their personal development whatever their level may be.

Yours in soccer,

Matt Weston
Director of Coaching
Ocala Premier Soccer


Launched in the spring of 2018, the Technical Training Program (T.T.P) was a huge success and will return in the 2019/20 season!

T.T.P provides a third night of practice for all registered competitive players, set in a club environment, and allows our most committed players the opportunity to continue to develop all areas of their game. Our training program is run on Wednesday or Thursday evenings and is led by club DOC Matt Weston. Ocala Premier’s T.T.P staff follow a detailed coaching curriculum where they lead players through various technical and tactical sessions aimed at educating the player in all aspects of their game in a ‘centralized coaching’ environment. By following a set curriculum, we can ensure our players needs are met as we take them through a step by step educational system designed to lay down the foundations for long term soccer success!

T.T.P was a huge hit in the Spring with well over 175 of our club players in attendance.  By continuing to push our competitive program forward with these new and exciting program initiatives we will continue to stimulate and excite the soccer mindset and allow our players the opportunity to receive the full soccer menu here at Ocala Premier Soccer Club!

We look forward to seeing you on the field at T.T.P and are excited to see the growth in your game as a result of your commitment to your game!


Ocala Premier Soccer is a part of the Greater Central Florida Soccer League (GCF Soccer).
About the Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League…We Are GCF

The GCFYSL has been around for close to 30 years. Giving the kids of Central Florida a place to play organized soccer. We are a FYSA affiliated league with over 730 teams. We have competitive soccer from the U8 through U19 age brackets and all different skill levels. We have had professional players, as seen on our “Hall Of Fame” page in our “Player” link, along with having many go on to play college soccer. But most of all, we have had players that just loved the game and wanted to play for the fun of it. Now their kids are playing in GCF. With the addition of the Region B Premier Division, the GCFYSL continues to grow. We embrace and learn from our past, but look forward to the future as the states largest youth soccer league, We hope that your experience while playing in the GCFYSL is a great one with long lasting memories.

Competitive teams are commonly known as “travel teams” playing home and away games in the Fall and Spring, as well as, competing in tournaments.  Competitive teams are formed through a formal tryout process.  To learn more about GCF, view schedules, divisions, rules, calendars, etc., click here.



Q. Why has the decision been made to switch from grouping teams by the school year to the calendar year?
A. To be in line with the other 208 countries around the world that register players by their year of birth. The change will also make it easier for American club teams to play internationally.

Q. What if a player wants to play with his or her school friends, but is in a different age group?
A. A player will be able to ‘play up’ dependant on the evaluation process at OPS. Our process includes coach and DOC discussion on the merits of the said player ‘playing up’ an age bracket and will be determined on a case by case basis. As always, a player may not play down with a younger age group.

Q. How will this change impact clubs?
A. As with every club in the country their will be some adjustments to present rosters due to the age group change. Secondly, as always it’s a tryout procedure, so new players or existing players get a fresh shot at making a team based upon showcasing their talent.

Q. How are age groups determined in other FIFA nations?
A. By the year in which a player is born; I.e, calendar year.

Q. Which US Youth Soccer Programs will be affected?
A. The Olympic Development Program will not change since it has grouped players by birth year since it’s inception in 1977. TOPSoccer will be unaffected since players are grouped by ability and less so by age. All other player programs will be directly affected by the change to calendar year player registration.

Q. When will the change to calendar year age groups take effect?
A. US Youth Soccer programs will change to Calendar Year beginning this Fall in the 2016/17 season.

Q. What happens when I go to the OPS tryout/what should I expect?
A. On Day one of the Tryouts your child will be grouped with their own specific age group as per the new matrix. Our Coaching staff will evaluate the group based on talent pool, ability to build a roster, and the best ‘developmental’ approach for each individual player. Certain players will then be moved based on the Coach/DOC evaluation process until teams are formed. Players may end being recommended to ‘play up’ should this be the best decision by the Player/Technical Coaching Staff.

Q. I want my child to gain extra ‘private’ training, how do I go about getting information on this?
A. Contact club DOC Matt Weston westonprosoccer@hotmail.com