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Pre-Register for CFU Tryouts


Central Florida United is excited to announce Regional Tryouts for the 2019/20 season!

Date: Saturday June 1st

Boys: 10am – 11:30am (Player Arrival 9:15am) (Players born: 2010 – 2002)
Girls: 12pm – 1:30pm (Player Arrival 11:15am) (Players born: 2008 – 2004)

Location: Ocala Regional Sportsplex, 3500 SW 67th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474

If you CANNOT make the Regional Tryouts for any reason you must register your interest in playing for the program by pre-registering your player. If we don’t have you on our master list as we build the rosters we will not know of your interest to play in the program!

Your player can then attend one of the Player Identification Events outlined below to be evaluated to play with the program. All players signed to the program at our Regional Tryouts will then be expected to attend the Player Identification Events below as we continue to add players to the CFU rosters! These are doubling up as Training Events so mark all three dates in your calendars to attend.

Important: If you are available please plan on attending our main Regional Tryout where the 2019/20 campaign will be discussed and our new exciting developments for next season presented!

Player Identification Events:

Date: Sunday August 11th
Time(s): Boys: 1pm – 2:30pm Girls: 3pm – 4:30pm
Location: Lake County Soccer Club

Date: Sunday September 15th
Time(s): Girls: 1pm – 2:30pm Boys: 3pm – 4:30pm
Location: Gainesville Soccer Alliance

The ‘CFU Way’

Central Florida United’s (CFU) primary objective is to develop players over the long term. Development of the player both on and off the field will always take precedent over results. Our aim is to play attractive, attacking soccer, with a large emphasis on the technical aspect of the game. CFU’s players will be coached to have the ability to keep possession of the ball under pressure whilst having the technical foundation and tactical awareness to be comfortable playing in numerous positions on the field.

The DNA of our program will be ‘wired’ into the player at the earliest possible age. This will ensure we create a long-term program Identity, recognizable through the brand of soccer we are going to play, we call this playing the ‘CFU Way’.

Our aim is to build this into the program from the outset. Having our players comfortable on the ball, an ability to play with both feet and the confidence to make decisions on the field will allow CFU to have an identity as a program. Our playing philosophy will be modeled throughout the program, with our systems of preference being 1-4-2-3-1 & 1-4-3-3 (11v11), 1-3-2-3 & 1-3-3-2 (9v9) & 1-2-3-1 & 1-3-2-1 (7v7). We will adopt the US Soccer Numbering System.
Here at CFU we create a positive, learning environment which gives the players the freedom and confidence to express themselves. Our CFU experienced coaching staff will use a ‘guided discovery’ coaching style which leads the player to make their own decisions on the soccer field. By passing this trust onto the player they are more likely to grow in confidence, think for themselves and most importantly learn what you are asking them to achieve. CFU’s staff will follow a detailed coaching curriculum which will ensure we educate our players to understand the game effectively both technically & tactically.

Soccer is a game of the moment and players not coaches need to decide at that moment what they should do on the field. We need to help them make that decision for themselves. CFU’s aim is to support the individual player and our ‘all-star’ teams in pushing the boundaries of their personal development. This Elite platform will allow the players to reach for their next level and ensure long term soccer success!


Champions Cup website

2004 Girls – Ahmad Brown

1. Adella Barrineau (OPS)
2. Alexis Westgate (OPS)
3. Kiersten Weaver (LCSC)
4.Hailey Grossi (OPS)
5. Jenna Maiorino (OPS)
6. Kaitlyn Roth (OPS)
7. Kadyn Foster (LCSC)
8. Mia McDougal (OPS)
9. Paige Waldron (OPS)
10. Summer Smith (OPS-GK)
11. Danielle Glucksman (OPS-GK)
12. Elyse Verkaik (LCSC)
13. Ali Baca (LCSC)
14. Skyler Combstock (LCSC)
15. Caitlyn Rowe (GSA)
16. Sophia Arzu (OPS)
17.Kaitlyn Morales (OPS)
18. Kayla Morales (OPS)

2004 Boys Team – Jeremy Witt

  1. Jonathan Smith (OPS)
  2. Ernesto Rivas (LCSC)
  3. Carlos Leon (OPS)
  4. Connor Wickson (LCSC)
  5. Zachary Parker (OPS)
  6. Griffin Perfater LCSC
  7. Aidan Balthazar (OPS)
  8. Grandin Willcox (OPS)
  9. Maxin Maysonet (OPS)
  10. Dimitrios Mikedis (OPS)
  11. Nathan Hamby (OPS)
  12. Emerson Whitehurst (GSA)
  13. Eduardo Diaz (OPS)
  14. Osbaldo Davila (LCSC)
  15. Ivan Mendez (LCSC)
  16. Kolin Krug (OPS)
  17. David Romero (LCSC)
  18. Marc Pinkman (LCSC)

2005 Girls – Gerardo Luna & Fulton Gomez

  1. Carolyn Parker (OPS)
  2. Kaylie Saez (OPS)
  3. Ashley Trochez (OPS)
  4. Lyndsey Greene (OPS)
  5. Evy Malone (GSA)
  6. Erin Coleman (GSA)
  7. Cameroyn Hayes (GSA)
  8. Maggie Folger (GSA)
  9. Olivia Witt (GSA)
  10. Ava Watson (GSA)
  11. Sarahi Torres (LCSC)
  12. Giulianna Alegre (LCSC)
  13. Sydney Veatch (GSA)
  14. Chloe Caven (Stetson)
  15. Kaylee McCord (OPS)
  16. Gabi Sanchez (WC)
  17. Ryann Stephens (WC-GK)

2005 Boys – Scott Rusin

  1. Head Coach: Scott Rusin
  2. Hayden Koscicki (LCSC)
  3. Aidan Bovelsky (OPS)
  4. Gadiel Cortes (OPS)
  5. Seth Bruinsma (LCSC)
  6. Evan Gilmet (LCSC)
  7. Ander Stuve (GSA)
  8. Adrian Droese (OPS)
  9. Collin Scroggie (OPS)
  10. Riley Smith (GSA)
  11. Alexander Sen (GSA)
  12. Keith Stack (LCSC)
  13. Colin Nechodom (GSA)
  14. Simon Noguerol (GSA)
  15. Erik Romero (LCSC)
  16. Daniel Jiminez (LCSC)
  17. Dariel Fernandez (OPS)
  18. Nico Galvis (LCSC)
  19. Landan Yutzy (OPS)

2006 Girls – Travis Barrineau

  1. Savannah Adams (LCSC)
  2. Aida Bell (OPS)
  3. Anya Bernechea (LCSC)
  4. Emma Camacho (LCSC)
  5. Camden Collins (OPS)
  6. Caroline Cook (OPS)
  7. Amanda Egan (OPS)
  8. Lizandra Hernandez (GSA)
  9. Tristen Marcic (OPS)
  10. Journee Martin (OPS)
  11. Josie Reed (OPS)
  12. Zoe Torres (GSA)
  13. Emma Vodden (LCSC)
  14. Gianna Meccia (OPS-GK)
  15. Skylar Fellenz (GSA)
  16. Cadence O’Neil (LCSC)
  17. AnnaRose Wheatle (LCSC)

2006 Boys – Josh Scroggie

  1. Pablo Abesada (OPS)
  2. Daniel Brown (GSA)
  3. Akksayan Sivasekaran (OPS)
  4. Phillip Caraba (GSA)
  5. Anthony / Tony Cifelli (LCSC)
  6. Logan Gustafson (LCSC)
  7. Ismael Hernandez (OPS)
  8. Alexander/Alex Nemeth (GSA)
  9. Jadiel Rodriguez (OPS)
  10. Benjamin Zeig (GSA)
  11. Nate Southard (GSA)
  12. Alex Santana (OPS)
  13. Chris Zeppieri (GSA)
  14. Bolu Olabige (GSA)
  15. Sean Allin (GSA)
  16. Nicholas Rossi (GSA)

2007 Girls – Haley Reeb

  1. Amari Ransom (GSA)
  2. Calliann Holshouser (GSA)
  3. Hannah Davis (OPS-GK)
  4. Kasey Williams (OPS)
  5. Kiersten Foskey (OPS)
  6. Mae Dodd (GSA)
  7. Reese McDougal (OPS)
  8. Rylynn Robinson (OPS)
  9. Sophie Vaughan (GSA)
  10. Taylor Hass (GSA)
  11. Adah Lambeck (GSA)
  12. Jiyah Hamilton (OPS)
  13. Alyssa Denmark (LCSC)
  14. Andrea Romero (LCSC)

2007 Boys – Pete Smith

  1. Jaime Price (OPS)
  2. Dylan Fitzpatrick (GSA)
  3. Samuel Johnson (OPS)
  4. Brandon Droese (OPS)
  5. Bailey Craig OPS
  6. Grayson Balthazar (OPS)
  7. Nicholas Bustillo (OPS)
  8. Landon Nemeth (GSA)
  9. Antonio Mikedis OPS
  10. Henry Trochez (OPS)
  11. Jacob Ordonez (OPS)
  12. Cayden Weatherspoon (GSA)
  13. Andres Gaspar (OPS)
  14. Owen Sciacchitano (OPS)

2008 Girls – Victoria Ekeli

  1. Alex Davis (OPS)
  2. Annsley Greene (OPS)
  3. Jayliana Lopez-Neumann (OPS)
  4. Abi Mccarthy (OPS)
  5. Nevaeh Nguyen (OPS)
  6. Ruby Scott (OPS)
  7. Caroline Davis (OPS)
  8. Addison Fratello (OPS)
  9. Paige Gustafson (LCSC)
  10. Ava Croeze (LCSC)
  11. Loren Ortega (LCSC-GK)

2008 Boys – Ben Baca

  1. Grady Scroggie (OPS-GK)
  2. Anthony Castillo (LCSC)
  3. Rafael Rivera (OPS)
  4. Jack Belcher (OPS)
  5. Garrett Smith (OPS)
  6. Brock Warren (OPS)
  7. Paolo Amador (Lake City)
  8. Thomas/Parker Tew (OPS)
  9. Joel Romero (LCSC)
  10. Maxim Sedov (GSA)
  11. Landon Bumbach (OPS)
  12. Gabriel Mirza (OPS)
  13. Jace Moore (LCSC)

2010 Boys – Noah Richmond

  1. Christian Cofield (Lake City)
  2. Andrew Wilcox (OPS)
  3. Nico Romero (LCSC)
  4. Colin Weatherspoon (Lake City)
  5. Myles Bumbach (OPS)
  6. Ty Handy (Lake City)
  7. Martin Barba-Sotelo (LCSC)
  8. Kaeden Waters (OPS)
  9. Carlos Ortiz (Lake City)
  10. Raylan Finley (OPS)
  11. Kris Foskey (OPS)
  12. Santi Jollu (OPS)