All Games and Practices will be at the Big Sun Complex 2811 SE 36th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34471.

Select Big Sun Rules and Clarification

Our Big Sun Recreational Soccer program is an introduction for many people into the world of Soccer.  We have compiled a few rules to help everyone understand about the Big Sun park and the games.

    1. Dogs are NOT permitted at Big Sun.
    2. Profanity is NOT permitted at Big Sun.
    3. No Slide Tackling at any age level
    4. NO Headers for any players under 12 years of age (U12 or under)
    5. Throw in – feet must not leave the ground on a throw in. Ball must be thrown from behind the head and not the side of the head.
    6. Aggressive contact without intent of winning ball is NOT allowed.
    7. A player’s arm can be used to protect ball but not with a full extension or raised to shoulder level
    8. Shoving with full arm extension for offense or defense is NOT allowed
    9. Pushing in the back is NOT allowed, pushing the hip IS ALLOWED In a 50/50 challenge
    10. Yellow card is a warning, two yellows will force the player to be sent off. Red card is immediately sent off.  These cards can be for fouls or for language.
    11. Hand ball is deemed anything below the shoulder. Elbow is considered a handball. Advantage is taken into account.
    12. Advantage is given when a penalty, that would otherwise stop play, is ignored by the ref because it would impede the unoffending team’s advantage. example: a handball by the red team causes the ball to go forward to a blue team player in a better position than if the play were called dead and given a free kick.  A referee would allow this rather than stopping play for a free kick.
    13. Offsides is determined when the pass is made. You cannot be behind the second to last defender when the pass is made (goalie counts as the last defender in most cases)
    14. There are direct kicks and indirect kicks.  When a referee declares a penalty and points directly at the goal, the player may shoot the ball directly into the goal.  When a referee raises his hand upwards it is an indirect kick.  This means two players must touch the ball before scoring.
    15. Opponent players cannot enter the goalie box on opponenets goal kick but can for their own goal kick.
    16. Keepers must have a different color jersey or penny than both teams playing.
    17. Fans and parents cannot stand behind the goal or on same side of the field as the coach. Coaches cannot stand behind goal.
    18. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for aggressive behavior off the field.  We will contact police and trespass ANYONE who cannot control their tempers, tongues, or be civil towards others.

There are some additional, more relaxed rules for U6-U8 that foster teaching and learning the game of soccer.  You can find them listed in the MENU>LEARN MORE>RULES section at the top of the page.

Superstarters meet for Saturdays Only.  They play the schedule below on the Practice Space on Field 8.  Coach Belcher will contact you with more info.

First Name Last Name
Connor Arthur
Frederick Augustine
Jackson Baker
Amelia Burzotta
Paisley Cassidy
Declan Cassidy
June Cronin
Dexter Darden
Kennedy Davenport
James Deaver
Stella Dominguez
Alaia Dominguez
Zayn Eastwood
Luca Eastwood
Robert Fink
Rowan Freeman
Brad Fuller
Everett Garcia
Elsie Jo Griffis
Davieoyn Hopson
Paislee Kiser
Robert Lapuma
Noah Latino
Noemie Lepin
Dylan Long
Joma Maldonado
Berkley Marks
Lennox Mckinney
Ellie Mills
Jack Mosquera
Colette Obirek
Lylah Orozco
Gael Perdigon
Cade Rhodes
Teagan Santana
E. Schroder
Canyon Sizemore
Zailee Spear
Samuel Tejada
Levi Webb
Coach’s Name, jersey color, and practice days and fields are listed with your teams.  1/2 Field means that the team has 1/2 the field to practice.  Your coach will provide you with more details.

Team First Name Last Name
Garcia Brandon Binkley
Melon Easton Bruner
Field 6a 1/2 Adelyn Corbett
MW Mya Fusco Hemley Garcia
Aarush Patel
Alexander Welling
Giles Enzo Bird
Maroon Evelynn Bruno
Field 6a 1/2 A C
MW Grant Crimi
5:30-6:30 B. G. Barrett Harris
Brantley Marcum
Santiago Ashton Baechle
Purple Alejandro Chavez
Field 6b 1/2 Beau Cordell
MW Matias Diaz Ella Menadier
Noah Santiago
Larkin Stracuzzi
Martinez Baron Freeman
Navy Luke Ladd
Field 6b 1/2 Casey Lamb
MW Waylon Lindstam Nash Martinez
Quinn Rhodes
Beckett Robbins
Raelyn Rothermel
Harper Manuel goncalves
Orange Mary Harper
Field 6b 1/2 Vincenzo Lombardi
MW Andrew Mathes Giano Pardo
Lake Pasteur
Charlotte White
O’Hara Liam Harden
Red Graham Harden
Field 6c 1/2 Daniel McQuade
MW Silas Norcross Elijah O’Hara
Liam Pozo
Jordyn Villavicencio
Smith Jackson Grisales
Cobalt Tanner Lindsey
Field 6a 1/2 Alexander Mendez
TT B. R.
5:30-6:30 Bethany Sanders Eliana Smith
Addalyn Specht
McCall Ayana Bolton
White James Delille
Field 6a 1/2 Axel Dominguez
TT Valerie Dominguez Norah Hale
Connor McCall
Grayson Sizelove
Dib Jovani Avila
Gold Oscar Dib
Field 6b 1/2 Harleigh Flynn
TT Trey Holl Harper McGuinness
Kayngel Wiley martinez
Jared Zeiss
Woods Sofia Arango
Kelly Green Stella Belanger
Field 6b 1/2 Addison Koenigsfeld
TT Roman Major Laurel Thomas
Oliver Woods
Suzette Ximenes
Young Caleb Briggs
Hot Pink Enrique Gomez
Field 6c 1/2 Jacob Herrans-Torres
TT Celinnette Herrans-Torres, Ezio Mata Luna Xicara
Ella Young
Rosales Caroline Berg
Charcoal Luke Berg
Field 6c 1/2 Maverick Geier
TT John Thomas Lee Luis Rosales
Adaline Villella
Evelynn Villella

Coach’s Name, jersey color, and practice days and fields are listed with your teams.  1/2 Field means that the team has 1/2 the field to practice.  Your coach will provide you with more details.

Team First Name Last Name
Binkley Liam Alvarez
Orange/White Arabella Baechle
1/2 7a M / Field 8 Academy Area 6 W Austin Baechle Gavin Binkley
Henry Gandy
Jack Miller
Eva Otero
Ella Otero
Jace Root
Nathan Villalba
Dykes Jayson Brown
Bronze C C
1/2 7a M / Field 8 Academy Area 5 W Isabella Day Graham dykes
Calaysia King
Miles McKathan
Natalie Quintero
Joseph Sorrentino
Preston Stone
Byron Swanson
Fitzpatrick Adelynn Alpizar-Leiter
Maroon Aubrey Faulkner
Field 8 Academy Area 6 M / 1/2 7a W Cooper Kendrick
5:30-6:30 Grayson Kendrick Miles Norcross
Lucian Oglesby
Kanne Russoniello
Axel Tran
Julissa Trueba
bryant weng
Roomy Geanmanuel Aguilar
Cobalt Marisa Bruno
1/2 7b M / Field 8 Academy Area 4 W Grey Carter Charlotte Hill
Edwin Keeton
Laurel Lietz
Wyatt McDougall
Jaxon Myers
Eagan Permar
Harper Roomy
Brooks Young
Chapuseaux Mia Chapuseaux
Neon Yellow Fiona Cruz McBride
Field 8 Academy Area 5 M / 1/2 7a W Chasiin Edwards Long
Nolan Obirek
August Parada
Adriel Santiago
Janice Velasco
Brynsen Welling
Cronkrite William Bruce
Purple Bryce Cronkrite
Field 8 Academy Area 4 M / 1/2 7b W Cain Cronkrite Theren Estep
Maple Gardner
Ava Leverette
Lucas Schnur
william Searcy
Campo Stracuzzi
Leighton Van Arsdall
Eaton Palmer Davenport
Hot Pink Aubrey Davidson
1/2 7a T / Field 8 Academy Area 8 Th Paul Eaton Noah Geier
Jace Kerr
Gunnar McKelvey
Bradley Prather
Adalyn Walker
Marishka Wiley martinez
Jaxson Apollo Xicara
Frederick Lincoln Berthrong
Silver Micah Frederick
1/2 7a T / Field 8 Academy Area 7 Th Amirah Latino Ryker Lowery
Jake Lynch
Madison McQuary
Marianella Natera
Landon Roach
Elliott Westgate
Zachary Wittes
Goldsmith Alijah Etwaroo
Orange Harper Goldsmith
1/2 7b T / Field 8 Academy Area 6 Th John Lord
5:30-6:30 Brylynn Merritt Blake Merritt
Naksh Patel
Leandro Rodriguez
Toryn Waters
Isaiah Woolbright
Parker Yancey
Josue Rivera Austin Bennett
Blue Braddock Craig
1/2 7b T / Field 8 Academy Area 5 Th Grayson Farmer
5:30-6:30 Roman Obina Eliyanah Marie Rivera
Yohan Rivera
Levi Tripp
Draper Wheeler
Lucy Wheeler
Carter Zimmerman
Michael Rivera Jose Bonilla
Navy Gibson Fuller
Field 8 Academy Area 7 T / 1/2 7a Th Eli Gomez
6-7pm Eliza Lee David Loaiz
Daniel Loaiza
Easton Martinez
Emersyn Noon
Liam Rivera
Victoria Tyner
Spell Karson Alonso
Teal Kendall Bruegger
Field 8 Academy Area 6 T / 1/2 7a Th Nathaniel Gomez
6-7pm Luke Kasten Grayson Means
Rodrigo Montilla
Payton Olszewski
Carson Raney
Kennedy Spell
Jordan Urbaez
Hassell A. C.
White Charity Dixon
Field 8 Academy Area 5 T / 1/2 7b Th Emma Hassell
6-7pm Torrian Howard Nathanael Kim
Brawnson Mccandless
Nikita McKinney
Vivian Ostrem
Paxton Schmitz
Cooper Schuck
Layla Torres
Intravaia Sebastian Baker
Black Aria Barnett
Field 8 Academy Area 4 T / 1/2 7b Th Micah Barnett
6-7pm Cohen Bradshaw Anderson Gomez Jr.
Lyla Hale
Lydia Intravaia
Jase Miller
Cadence Nardino
Alex Vallejo
Coach’s Name, jersey color, and practice days and fields are listed with your teams.  1/2 Field means that the team has 1/2 the field to practice.  Your coach will provide you with more details.

Team First Name Last Name
Rosales Douglas Blanco
Silver Aiden Carter
1/2 7c M / Field 8 Academy Area 3 W Jacob Folino Rylee Fields
Kinzee Fields
Ravenna Fonseca
Christopher Gonzalez Mojica
Brennan Hammock
Elijah Lietz
Kemper Mabee
Rylan Macinnes
Fernando Rosales
lindsey Watson
Sierra Watson
Carrier Parker Berman
Black Lawson Beville
1/2 7c M / Field 8 Academy Area 2 W Mason Carrier Jackson Clark
Piper Cotton
Gabriel Davila
Ava Menadier
Mia Palacios
Annabelle Quintero
Adrian Serrano
Samuel Sutton
Zoey Thompson
Jay Torres
Christian Weeks
Carter Palmer Bryant
Columbia David Ceruto
1/2 7d M / Field 8 Academy Area 1 W Jason Cotta Ethan Crowley
Ryleigh Dellatorre
John Dellatorre
Hailey jubin
Landon Hannah
Carter Jarrett
Jusia Libby
Alexander Mejia
Brian Ramirez
Yulissa Sanchez
Hadley Yancey
Grisales Carli Browning
White Stone Cobbs
Field 8 Academy Area 3 M / 1/2 7c W Ezra Czigany
6-7pm Tristen Danetz Nickolas Degelman
Leonardo Grisales
Ava Harris
Gabriel Molinary
Jonathan Pena
Jackson Schnur
Kouper Stenback
Harper Stone
Boston Swanson
Lanker Gabrielle Belcher
Purple Hampton Bruce
Practice at Redeemer Carter Bruce Timothy Butler
Daxton Cerny
Jared Cooley
Bristol Emidy
Benjamin Foil
Harrison Gibson
Eric Hamblen
Adalynn Holbrook
Raeleck Kieffer
Grant Lanker
Harrison Pell
Lincoln Putty
Lucy Rauls
Rupakus Andrew Acevedo
Hot Pink Henry Baillie
Field 8 Academy Area 2 M / 1/2 7c W William Baxley MATEO BERNAL
Jatin Chitumalla
Robert Chatterton
Preston Greenbaum
Tyler Gustafson
Brice Johnson
Kenli Golden
Aranza Ledesma
Reese Roomy
Gabriela Rupakus
Eli Thompson
Tanuis Sebastian Baron
Red Quadrey Boyd
Field 8 Academy Area 1 M / 1/2 7d W Kenniel Carrasquillo
5:30-6:30 Nathan Catron Benjamin Cordes
Markee Drummer
David Goodreau
Riley Miller
Spencer O’Neal
Austyn See
McKinley Speight
Hailey Tanuis
Isabella Verdiguel
Cody Zhu
Torres Tyren Coats
Lime Green Johan Fabian
1/2 7c T / Field 8 Academy Area 4 Th Avery Hilty
Yousef Jawad
Ember John
Hayden Lloyd
Matthew Mata
Rex Randall
Jackson Saxe
Walker Thompson
Hadley Thompson
Dominic Torres
Marissa Villacorta
Garrett Joseph Bonilla
Kelly Green Gerson Bonilla Gonzales
1/2 7c T / Field 8 Academy Area 3 Th Cameron Clifford Antonio Frosolono
Chase Garrett
Auna Kluck
Molly Locke
Giovanni Mendez
Kayden Mietz
Cayce Mietz
Ayan Patel
Liam Strynkowski
Liam Zack
Mason Zack
Bird Craig Bird
Navy Arjun Brahmbhatt
1/2 7d T / Field 8 Academy Area 2 Th Ivan Brough Liam Corrigan
Emmalee Dennis
Gabriel Herrera
Robert Kitchings
Ryker Leon
Alejandro Opio Rivera
Londyn Padilla
Mason Perez
Marc Ruiz
Eli Steckman
Kylie Trevino
Stewart Elijah Bolton
Cobalt Isabella Cantu-Salinas
1/2 7d T / Field 8 Academy Area 1 Th Zeth Castro
5:30-6:30 Luke Frederick Elijah Griffis
Yaphet Latimer
Everly Martin
Summer Raines
Caleb Ranew
Jacob Rodriguez
Catherine Scales
Gunner Stewart
Adriel Torres
Chandler Yancey
Guest Miles Arnold
Orange Aiden Burnett
Field 8 Academy Area 3 T / 1/2 7c Th Reece Deen
5:30-6:30 Kaylyn Guest, S. H.
Kaiden Hooks
Noah Kim
Jude Lipphardt
Sheridan Lipphardt
Lukus Phillips
Brooke Rockower
Isaias Segarra
Gavin Sizemore
Elijah Webb
Feith Seevaratnam Aaren
Maroon Izakaya Bergman
Field 8 Academy Area 2 T / 1/2 7c Th Reid Brewer Aiden Feith
Thorne Hilton
Weston Karth
Evelyn Lee
Jackson Litchfield
Alexander Lytle
Aaliyah Manns
Molly Murphy
juan ortiz
Cooper Ostermiller
Jesse Zirkle
Garcia River Deahl
Gold Brady Enriquez
Field 8 Academy Area 1 T / 1/2 7d Th Zayden Garcia
5:30-6:30 Aubriella Garcia Eleena Gary
Jonathan Gonzalez
Adrian Hernandez Maldonado
Ryder Jackson
Aaron Lapham
Landon McCadden
Cohen Nardino
Adam Piszcz
Brennan Raymond
Ellie Turley
Coach’s Name, jersey color, and practice days and fields are listed with your teams.  1/2 Field means that the team has 1/2 the field to practice.  Your coach will provide you with more details.

Team First Name Last Name
Kumley Colton Burbage
Gold Ian Carrasquillo
5a MW Nathaniel Cordes
5:30-6:30 Forest Deroy Aubrey DeVilling
Daniel Lurie
Carter Main
Michael Nelson
Karson Ormond
Orion Rose
Kamilla Salfetnikov
Aiden Sullivan
Jordan Thompson
Dash Tran
Asher Travaglini
Ian Villalba
Herrera Logan Arnold
Hot Pink Sebastián Benitez
5b MW Tyler Bologna Brody Dockery
Graham Drawdy
Aiden Estera
Ava Fish
Sabrina Forsythe
Jose Gimon
Danielle Hanks
Austin Harter
Madeline Lynch
Nathan Molina
Vansh Patel
Nicolas Santiago
Rishit Shah
Ryen Vera
King Noah Booker
8a MW Abraham Estevez Moncada MICHAEL HERNANDEZ
Cayson King
Camiah King
Isaiah King
Lonnie King
Emily Martinez
Alexandria Moles
Julio osvath
Sebastian osvath
Ava Perez
Isabella Shepherd
Braden Swanson
Garren Tilyou
Aaron Wells
Molinary Ayden Chernes
Charcoal Sarah Cox
8b MW Max Diaz Matthew Eichelberger
Jacob Eichelberger
Mohammad Hammad
Austin Hannon
Jaedynn Jubin
Aubrey Kash/Penny
Cesar Keen
Aidan Largett
Asher Largett
Noah Martin
Emilee Molinary
Parker Rohrs
Eliza Thompson
Owen Van Arsdall
Christerson Adriel Batista
Kelly Green Daniel Cantu
5a TT Caleb Cartwright Marleigh Christerson
Lilah Deen
Ambrielle Hammock
Hunter Hortman
Dominic Intravaia
Dominic Joseph
Mauricio Lopez
Brady McBride
Brycen McBride
Raegan Miller
Owen Nunez
Sofia Perdigon
Ahlea Perez
Samuel Whitt
Halstead Fabricio Aranguren
Navy Isabella cicione
5b TT Ethan Corrigan Thaddeus Halstead
Kale Hay
Raymond Hemingway
Lucian Kluck
Yerik Latimer
Joel Marks
Tristen Olive
Joseph Prisciandaro
Ryan Schrader-Taharraoui
Sophia Schwartz
Tenley Smith
Jesliam Velez
Kelia Ware
Tyner Britton Boland
White Isaiah Fuentes
8a TT Sai’Ana Givens Kinley Harris
Vann Harris
Malia Hernandez
Makiah Hooks
Myles Kasten
Darrielle Keaton
Davi Pereira
Griffin Pestow
Colton Ranew
James Tyner
Owen Vause
emilee webb
Jordan Webb
Noah Webb
Santiago Neriyah Bolton
Red Isabella Diiorio
8b TT Jack Dyck Levi Fitzsimmons
Christopher Flores Portillo
Gabriella Graff
Daniel Guzman
Holden Hilton
Charlotte Kail
Christopher Karr
Angel Natera
Joshua Robbins
Abigail Romero
Action Sizemore
Jacob Sophie
Coach’s Name, jersey color, and practice days and fields are listed with your teams.  1/2 Field means that the team has 1/2 the field to practice.  Your coach will provide you with more details.

Coach First Name Last Name
Andy Zakary Brizendine
Charcoal Connor Campbell
Field 9a Cole Campbell
M/W Aiden Dinielli Talitha Landry
Natalie Lynch
Isabella Martinez
Jahdiel Mojica
Alex Navarro
Joseph Points
Tristen Scheibly
Tucker Slone
Nala Smith
Brian Swanson
Noah Yates
Matt Breanna Alyea
Red Edwin Andry
Field 9b Caleb Baxter
M/W Braiden Dawson Tyler Henderson
Elisandra Hernandez
Lily Hirschi
Amanda Joseph
Ryan Powell
Jakob Powell
Jorge Jr. Ramirez
Logan Rector
Jasmine Rodriguez
Savannah Sandt
Jayden Vickers
Lylah Wills
Ken Kevin Aristizabal
White Brody Bennett
Field 9a Kayden Davis
T/Th Hannah Deen Jett Gangelhoff
Nathan Hanks
Christian Lanier
Landon Lee
Logan Miller
Tegan Rhea-Enriquez
Klase Slagel
Kayne Stuart
Emelia Torres
Adaryus Ware
Josh zaid awad
Columbia Ethan Castro
Field 9b Cole Hagan
T/Th Eric Johnson
5:30-6:30 Ashley Lopiano
Kyler MacDonald
Andrew McKnight
Payton Means
Christopher Nava De Anda
Drayke Noon
Corbyn Noon
Joselina Rosales
Conner Takii
Mackayla Umpleby
Oliver Zedler

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