Select Big Sun Rules and Clarification

Our Big Sun Recreational Soccer program is an introduction for many people into the world of Soccer.  We have compiled a few rules to help everyone understand about the Big Sun park and the games.

    1. Dogs are NOT permitted at Big Sun.
    2. Profanity is NOT permitted at Big Sun.
    3. No Slide Tackling at any age level
    4. NO Headers for any players under 12 years of age (U12 or under)
    5. Throw in – feet must not leave the ground on a throw in. Ball must be thrown from behind the head and not the side of the head.
    6. Aggressive contact without intent of winning ball is NOT allowed.
    7. A player’s arm can be used to protect ball but not with a full extension or raised to shoulder level
    8. Shoving with full arm extension for offense or defense is NOT allowed
    9. Pushing in the back is NOT allowed, pushing the hip IS ALLOWED In a 50/50 challenge
    10. Yellow card is a warning, two yellows will force the player to be sent off. Red card is immediately sent off.  These cards can be for fouls or for language.
    11. Hand ball is deemed anything below the shoulder. Elbow is considered a handball. Advantage is taken into account.
    12. Advantage is given when a penalty, that would otherwise stop play, is ignored by the ref because it would impede the unoffending team’s advantage. example: a handball by the red team causes the ball to go forward to a blue team player in a better position than if the play were called dead and given a free kick.  A referee would allow this rather than stopping play for a free kick.
    13. Offsides is determined when the pass is made. You cannot be behind the second to last defender when the pass is made (goalie counts as the last defender in most cases)
    14. There are direct kicks and indirect kicks.  When a referee declares a penalty and points directly at the goal, the player may shoot the ball directly into the goal.  When a referee raises his hand upwards it is an indirect kick.  This means two players must touch the ball before scoring.
    15. Opponent players cannot enter the goalie box on opponenets goal kick but can for their own goal kick.
    16. Keepers must have a different color jersey or penny than both teams playing.
    17. Fans and parents cannot stand behind the goal or on same side of the field as the coach. Coaches cannot stand behind goal.
    18. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for aggressive behavior off the field.  We will contact police and trespass ANYONE who cannot control their tempers, tongues, or be civil towards others.

There are some additional, more relaxed rules for U6-U8 that foster teaching and learning the game of soccer.  You can find them listed in the MENU>LEARN MORE>RULES section at the top of the page.

Executive Board of Directors

President: Dana Parker
Vice President: Josh Scroggie 
Secretary:  Scott Griffin
Treasurer:  Karen Coy