Volunteer Needs

Our Soccer Rec program is run by volunteers. We need coaches and various other volunteer support in order to run our program smoothly. If you can help us make BSYSL better and run more efficient, please volunteer!

Head Coach – no experience necessary! You must be able to protect kids and teach basic soccer techniques. We can provide help for you to know what to teach. If you have a desire, we NEED YOU! Head coaches should be at most practices and games to provide continuity for the players. Head coaches should place an emphasis on protecting players, team unity, and teaching good sportsmanship. Head coaches also receive special perks. More info below.

Assistant Coaches – also no experience necessary! An assistant will learn from a head coach and be available to take over in the head coach’s absence. An assistant would help with running drills and giving assistance to help the team learn and progress. Assistant should also emphasize player protection, team unity, and good sportsmanship.

Board Member – The Board Administers the Rec league.  It is a volunteer position that helps to strengthen BSYSL and the experience for our families, players and coaches. We currently need “At Large Board Members” that are willing to learn what we do, prepare to step into larger roles, and help us administer on Game Day and Practice nights. Please feel free to click this option below if you want to communicate with me personally about the opportunities available to help in a meaningful role.

Coach League Administrators – We are looking for two or three coaches in each age group that can also help be the eyes and ears for their particular league. We are looking for experienced coaches who understand the rules of the league and can help in reporting and resolving conflicts within their particular player age groups. If there are general questions, this person should be knowledgeable enough to help the newer coaches get oriented. You would be a sort of go between with the coaches in your league and the board. We would step in to resolve any conflicts, but your knowledge and help in identifying issues would be greatly appreciated.

Field Prep and Cleanup – When your team is the first to play on a field for the day, we would ask you to please help make sure the field is ready for play. You just show up 30 minutes before the game, make sure the flags are in the corners and that the goals are in the correct places. This is an easy way to contribute, but it helps the entire program run smoothly! If you are the last team to play for that Saturday, we ask that you please take the trash out of the bins and just tie them up and leave them right beside the bin. We need at least 4 volunteers for this task from each team.

U14/U18 Player Evaluation Volunteer – We will need 6 volunteers for each night of our evaluations for the U14 and U18 players. Duties will mainly be identifying and signing in participants and directing them to the proper areas.

MC – We need someone to play the National Anthem and give our announcements at 9:00 each Saturday. We could use some early morning (clean) hype music every now and then as well! We would like you to be committed to coming every week and being consistent with the announcements.

Team Mom/Dad – Please talk to your coach about this role if you are interested. Some coaches do not know that the team needs “a little something more” than he can provide alone. Snack organization, parties, etc. This is definitely a role that needs to be filled on your team. If you see that it is available, please talk to your coach about stepping into that role!

Other – We will have other opportunities throughout the season to volunteer, we will add you to the email list to contact you for those opportunities. Also, if you see additional needs, PLEASE SHARE! Don’t stay quiet. We would love additional input and help to make everyone’s experience at Big Sun positive and fun. Anything you can do to help, please talk to us and let us know! Contact us at info@bigsunsoccer.com.

Special Perks: We value your volunteer time and effort. As special perks to the specific demands to Coaches and Assistant Coaches, we allow coaches and assistant coaches to obtain up to 4 total players guaranteed on their teams. Coaches and assistants may have their own children automatically placed on their own teams. Additionally, coaches may receive up to 2 SPONSORS; if the maximum number of guaranteed players does not exceed 4.

If you would like to choose your child’s coach, you may contact your coach and see if they have any sponsorship slots available. If there is availability, you will need to fill out an additional sponsorship registration to guarantee placement.