U8 – U18


Ocala Premier is the highest level of soccer in the area. Ocala Premier strives to deliver top level talent with teams competing in the best tournaments and leagues within the southeast region.  Between our experienced coaches and high end facilities, Ocala Premier has everything they need to develop their players and get them ready for the next level.

 By joining Ocala Premier, these are the direct benefits players will experience.

  • Elite coaching from ex-college and ex-professional players
  • Team training 2-3 nights per week
  • Access to Specialized, Small Group, & Private training
  • Team Comradery and an Identity
  • Technical, Tactical, Physical, & Psychological Training
  • Access to 3 separate soccer complexes

Ocala Premier Soccer’s (OPS) primary objective is to play attractive, attacking soccer, with a large emphasis on the technical aspect of the game. Our desire is for our players to have the ability to keep possession of the ball while having the technical foundation and tactical awareness to be comfortable playing in numerous positions on the field. Our aim is to build this into the program from a very early age. Fostering excellence in decision making and mastering the US Soccer Numbering System.

Having our players comfortable on the ball, an ability to play with both feet and the confidence to make decisions on the field will create a positive, learning environment which gives the players the freedom and confidence to express themselves.

Ocala Premier is part of the Greater Central Florida Soccer League (GCF Soccer).

About the Greater Central Florida Soccer League

The GCF has been around for close to 30 years.  Giving the kids of Central Florida a place to play organized soccer.  We are a FYSA affiliated league with over 730 teams.  We have competitive soccer from the U8 through U19 age brackets and all different skill levels.  We have has professional players, as seen on our “Hall of Fame” page in our “Player” link, along with having many go on to play college soccer.  But most of all, we have had players that just loved the game and wanted to play for the fun of it.  Now their kids are playing in GCF.  With the addition of the Region B Premier Division, GCF continues to grow.  We embrace and learn from our past, but look forward to the future as the states largest youth soccer league.  We hope that your experience while playing in GCF is a great one with long lasting memories.

Q. What if a player wants to play with his or her school friends, but is in a different age group?
A. A player will be able to ‘play up’ dependent on the evaluation process at OPS. Our process includes coach and DOC discussion on the merits of the said player ‘playing up’ an age bracket and will be determined on a case by case basis. As always, a player may not play down with a younger age group.

Q. How are age groups determined in other FIFA nations?
A. By the year in which a player is born; i.e, calendar year.

Q. I want my child to gain extra ‘private’ training, how do I go about getting information on this?
A. Private training is available, please contact your coach for more information.

Competitive Board of Directors

President: Dana Parker
Vice President: Josh Scroggie 
Secretary:  Scott Griffin
Treasurer:  Karen Coy