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Individual Player Testing Program – Data Form

Here at the Ocala Premier Soccer (OPS) our aim is to develop the players under our tuition over the long term. Working with a club curriculum and following season long programs are both ways to ensure players are developing but there are other areas which we as a club wish to ‘capture’ data on our players to provide tangible evidence of player progression. We understand players develop at different speeds. The Program we are going to ask our Competitive Players to work through over the coming weeks are a ‘snap shot’ of a players development at any given time. We strongly encourage all of our players to work at their game away from the soccer fields & with the time at home right now this is the perfect opportunity to participate in our Individual Player Testing Program! This is a fun and competitive way to stay sharp, improve your game and ensure you come back to the training field ready to take your game to the next level!

Skills Test Focus Areas:

1) Speed

2) Running With The Ball (Right & Left Foot)

3) Turning (Right & Left Foot)

4) Suicide Dribbling & Turns (Right & Left Foot)

5) Speed Dribbling (Right & Left Foot)

6) Control With Feet (Right & Left Foot)

7) Control With Thigh

8) Control With Chest

9) Juggling

Why use the OPS Individual Player Testing Program – Skills Test?

  • Allows coaches & players to see the players strengths and areas of their game that needs to improve.

  • It is an objective evaluation.

  • Increases the desire to succeed in players.

  • It’s fun for the players.

  • Rewards the players who work at their game.

  • Gives players a test they can do at home.

  • Allows OPS DOC/Coaching staff to monitor players long term development.

  • Helps provide ‘tangible’ evidence of player progression.

SKILL #1:  Speed

SKILL #2:  Running with the Ball

SKILL #3:  Turning

SKILL #4:  Running with the Ball – Suicide

SKILL #5:  Speed Dribbling

SKILL #6:  Control with Feet

SKILL #7:  Control with Thigh

SKILL #8:  Control with Chest

SKILL #9:  Juggling