Super Starters…

is a great way to introduce your young player to the game of soccer.  Super Starters is the league for our U4 and U5 players.  It focuses on the basics in a fun and safe environment.  This program is a 6 week, Saturday only program.  Each child gets a special Super Starter jersey and the program is administered by a competitive, high school head coach.

This program does not have separate teams, so no head coach per team, and no weekday sessions.  Just 6 Saturdays Fall & Spring of kicking fun and good times!  9:30 am-10:30 am Saturday mornings at Big Sun Soccer Complex.  Super Starters starts week 2 of the Traditional Rec schedule and meets on field 8c.

Traditional Rec…

is for all children from U6 to U18.  It is a fun way to get exercise and fall in love with the game.  Players sign up for one season at a time.

Training sessions are twice per week with inter-club games on Saturday mornings.

Traditional Rec soccer has two seasons, fall and spring.  Each season is 8-10 weeks in duration.  2023 Spring Recreation Registration is NOW OPEN.  Spring 2023 Schedules are available on the Recreational Page.

Sun Lights…

is for athletes with intellectual, emotional, and or physical disabilities. The program strives to provide a pathway to love and learn soccer. Sun Lights is designed for players to learn at their own pace in a safe, fun, and supportive/inclusive environment.  Sun Lights is offered in two seasons, Fall & Spring.  Sun Lights is a 6-week, Saturday morning program.  Starts week 1 on the Traditional Rec schedule from 9am-10am and meets on field 9c.

How are teams created? (Includes Coach and Assistant coach “Perks”)

Teams start with a coach.  Coaches may receive up to 4 guaranteed players on their respective teams.  Coaches may automatically get their children or direct relatives guaranteed on their teams.  Coaches are allowed one Assistant coach.  This assistant coach is also allowed to have their children guaranteed on their teams as long as the number of guaranteed players does not exceed 4.  At this point, if there are additional guaranteed positions that are not filled, the coach may accept sponsors.  The coach may accept up to 2 sponsors, up to but not exceeding the total of 4 guaranteed players.  After these guaranteed players are added to the team, all additional players are randomly assigned by the board.

What Player Perks are available for Sponsors?

Sponsors have a couple of options.

      1. They may choose to allow their player to choose their coach, IF the coach has approved of this player counting towards one of their “4 Guaranteed Players”.
      2. They may choose to allow their player to “play up” from U14 to U18, IF they have a coach willing to accept this player to his team and allow them to count towards one of their “4 Guaranteed Players”.  There is absolutely NO “playing up” for any players that are from any teams U11 or younger.

My child is “too (Insert Excuse Here)” to play on the assigned team, can they “Play Up”?

We firmly believe that players will develop best when paired with children their own age.  As a rule, we do NOT allow players to “play up”.  The only exceptions we will allow are:

      1. A player is in the U14 league and the player’s parent, grandparent, or sibling agrees to coach or assistant coach a team in the U18 league.
      2. A player is in the U14 league and sponsor’s a coach in the U18 league that agrees, in advance of sponsorship, to accept the player as one of their “4 guaranteed players”.

There are NO ADDITIONAL exceptions to these rules.  If you do not fit in these exceptions, we Strongly Encourage you to join a travel team to best help your player improve their skills with more appropriately skilled players.  If you would like more information in regards to your child playing/practicing with Ocala Premier, please contact them at

Additional FAQ’s